Offering Organic Skin Care Products That Is Best for You

With all the products in the world, how do we choose what is best for our selves?? Education is key. Teresa lives for this! There is a map on your face that tells your story. True skincare is an INSIDE job. First, we need to know why our skin is going through what it’s going through. Then the steps are taken to help you get your best skin. This may include lymphatic drainage, smooth sculpt or gentle deep exfoliation.

Teresa uses a clean line of products. M’Lis is natural, organic and has a food-grade preservative, which means it only has a one-year shelf life. NO carcinogens or synthetic chemicals. We don’t need any help in that department. You may order on the link below at any time. Teresa does carry a few of her favorites at The Kunda House.

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Acne & Rejuvenation Facial

From: $135.00
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Bundle Product

From: $185.00
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From: $35.00
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Deep cleans & Customized Facial

From: $125.00
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Maintenance Facial

From: $95.00
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Soothing Aloe Vera Facial

From: $75.00
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