Providing Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

My expertise has been perfected over the past 20 years. I started in the massage therapy world in 1998. After a major car accident, I was told that I would not have full function of my left arm, gave me my RX, and sent me on my way. That was not going to work for me!

This begins my journey on self-care and holistic healing. I received my license in 1999, advanced courses in 2000. Certified in lymph drainage massage and many years of continuing education.

I have a Comfort Craft table, which is a state-of-the-art table that uses a bit of traction and steam packs with each session. Each session is customized for YOU. There may be sound therapy needed, energy work needed, or even stretching techniques all in your session. If you want to feel good in your body again, come see me.

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Body Brushing

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Body Salt Scrub

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Bundle Product

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