The unbelievable gratitude that I can even begin to bestow upon Teresa Lyles and her philosophy with “KundaConscious” is something I can’t describe. Thinking that I was going in for bodywork with her on one area from a result from a car accident and realizing that I was holding on to such negative energy. I had absolutely no idea! I had the most unexpected enlightenment in my sessions with her that have paved the way to a more positive inner spirit within myself. I’m finally learning to find time for ME!!! ~ Lara McCoy

I am 67 and I have never had skin look this good in my adult life. For years I had a mild, local rosacea on my cheeks which flared up with long exposure to sun. That rosacea is gone, although I am still outdoors daily, in the sun, some days for many hours. I had never experienced the benefit of exfoliation, which I now know is so essential having new, clean skin with fewer lines. Teresa uses a special machine which increases the blood flow to the skin, and I know this has been key for me to get back skin elasticity and vitality on my face and neck. Best of all, I now have a simple skin care routine which helps me maintain moist and healthy skin with minimum fuss at home. I highly recommend Teresa Lyles of KundaConscious for top quality modern skin care. Over the Moon Satisfied Client… ~ Sue Anderson

I rarely get excited to write a review, but Teresa is one of the best people around and I often refer to her a mother Teresa. I started coming to see Teresa several years ago for massages. As time passed I realized how awesome Teresa was. Why I recommend Teresa as a yoga teacher and over-all healer:

  • She keeps herself up to date with the last information. Many times I’ve gone to place and she’s discussing a new book she is reading about a new technique.
  • She gives a lot of individual attention. I’ve brought friends to her, and she has met all of them (and me) at our exact level. She points out ways or suggests to me the best way to improve and manage life better. She also recommended some exercises or stretches I can do to get my neck, back, and shoulders loosened. She’s helped me manage my stress much more effectively. I never thought I’d be able to do.
  • She encourages positive interactions with one another and be respectful. She really builds community in the studio in a neat way. Her kundalini class was warm and inviting. Felt like everyone was old friends but we were strangers.
  • She is super welcoming and friendly, and makes everyone feel pretty excited to be in class. Since I was new am to her class, it’s really nice to come into an environment of positivity. She’s also very present and learns everyone’s name very quickly and understands why we are there.
  • She’s hilarious and definitely brings an air of lightness to each interactions. Either class or an one on one session . She doesn’t let everyone stay tense, she makes it fun.
Honestly, check out Teresa and her classes or sign up for a one on one session. I really highly recommend her. Teresa has help become a stronger person and much more grounded. I look forward to my future work with her. ~ Bobbi Petherick

As the former Dean of a massage school and life-long sensitive, I know what good bodywork is and that few are able to do it. It takes skill / training blended with intuition and practical action. Teresa Lyles of KundaConscious is gifted with all three. Having bodywork with Teresa is like none other that I’ve experienced. She’s able to pull forward unconscious stored beliefs and release them while ‘listening’ to my body and determine the next best course of action. As a result of her extensive training and personal experience, she has the ability to articulate what’s happening and accelerate the natural return to wholeness in a graceful, positive and profound way. After just the first session, my body released toxins; after the second session, I felt the release of much stored energy that I had taken from other people; after the third session, my chakras were spinning the right direction. In ever-deepening and appropriate layers, Teresa’s work addresses core levels of essential vitality. She has my highest endorsement. ~ Lynn Scheurell


“If you never do anything else with your energy work, you’ve done enough by saving my Life.”  ~ Debbie Clark