Teresa Lyles

Teresa Lyles

Teresa Lyles is a native Texan, an original Austinite and has always had a love for the Alternative Healing Arts.   As a result, Teresa has been able to turn this care and love into a unique and rewarding career.

In 1999, this became more than a love for Teresa, after experiencing a major car accident in 1997.  She was told she would never have full function of her left arm, given prescriptions and that was the extent of her treatment to recovery.  The idea of having to deal with pain and drugs as therapy was not an attractive future.   She believes we have the God given power to heal ourselves and it is her mission to awaken this in each individual.   What Teresa has  envisioned is a pain-free life through alternative medicines and therapies such as massage, body / energy body work, skin therapy and Kundalini Yoga.

Due to her experiences and great successes with these alternative practices, Teresa has a great passion to help others live pain-free , with more energy and happiness.  She has given birth to a new healing way of life through an approach she calls “KundaConscious”.  KundaConscious helps expand all areas and facets of life, “Kunda” meaning to open or birth.    Through methods of self discovery and self love, You can obtain your optimal life.

Teresa is a highly energetic, passionate, fun and a caring person. She lives life to the fullest in every moment and is looking forward to sharing her experiences and knowledge with you as well.

Mission Statement:  To assist in awareness to a healthy and happy life.    ~Dedicated since 1999~

Texas Healing Arts Institute (1999 license)

Lauterstein Conway (2002 – advanced bodywork)

Lypossage Certification (2005)

Licensed Massage Instructor (2012)

Member of ABMP 

Nuvani Skin Institute (2008 Facialist  license)

YogaYoga KRI Teacher Training course (200 hour program)

KRI Teacher Training graduate (Level 1 Teacher)

Certified Energetic Healing Practioner (100 hours, Lotus Energy Institute)

State Licensed Continuing Education Provider for Massage Therapy (2014)

Level 1 Reiki

Volunteer Work:

Christopher House – guided meditation for staff and volunteers.