A really great massage means the practitioner is fully engaged in the subtle energies around and in the client’s body. 

Before the massage even begins, your body is giving clues as to what is happening within your body. It might be the way you walk, or favoring a body part, your posture, tone of voice or facial expression that tells the story.

 Teresa Lyles connects with YOU, fully, Body, Mind, Soul and makes sure that every aspect of healing takes place during each and every one of her massages.

 Massage, to her, is a dance or art that is unique to every individual.  This is the care and passion that Teresa put’s into her massages. Being tuned in and getting direct information determines which techniques will be most helpful, including one or more of the following:

  •     Therapeutic Massage
  •     Lymphatic drainage
  •     Myofascial release
  •     Deep Massage
  •     Plantar Fasciitis
  •     Trigger Point Therapy
  •     Carpal Tunnel
  •     Aromatherapy
  •     Vacuum Therapy/ Ace cupping
  •     Polarity Therapy

Location:  313 4th street, off the square in Blanco, Texas.

~ Massage is much more than just working muscles.  It integrates all these modalities, and listens to your body.  Your body and soul contains all the wisdom necessary for self healing.  I just facilitate the action.  ~

The Mission ~ Being Well