Chakra Healing

Heal Your Spirit, Heal Your Body

Do you feel like there has always been this “nagging something”, that you just can’t pinpoint?   Do you feel like you can never get enough rest or quiet your mind?  Do you have a chronic body pain that just WON’T go away??

It could be blocked or trapped trauma or emotions.  Think of a computer, new, fresh, ready for programming.  This is how our “energy” or “subtle body” operates.  Past incidents or “downloads” can effect our body, mind and spirit.

energy movement

We are spirit beings having a human experience. That means we are energy in a physical body. And, therefore, we must treat our energy first in order for our physical to keep up.

The most powerful way to work with your energy is systematically, through the chakra system.  

This work can be intensive and liberating at the same time, because when you find and identify what’s been held in your chakra system , your foundation is reset. 

This is a great first appointment before starting body work.  


Many Blessings to You ~


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